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The scientific programme will consist of four days of oral presentations and one-day poster sessions with possibility to discuss various topic related to clays, zeolites or other layered and silicate raw materials. Field trips to some Slovakian clay and zeolite deposits are planned, together with a visiting of the historical sites or sites of general interest.
Plenary Speakers
Chris Breen (Sheffield, United Kingdom)
 Clay hydrogels and composites - potential medical and commercial applications
Sabine Petit (Poitiers, France) - Gerhard-Lagaly-Award 2016
 Relevance of clay synthesis for environmental studies
Eduardo Ruiz-Hitzky (Madrid, Spain)
 Ecological advanced applications of clay minerals
Lynda Williams (Tempe, USA) 
 Harnessing the antibacterial action of clays for medical applications
 George Brown Lecture of the Clay Minerals Group of the Mineralogical Society
Keynote Speakers
Pierre Barre (Paris, France)
 Clay minerals and organic carbon persistence in soils
Chris Greenwell (Durham, United Kingdom)
 Simulating the clay mineral-brine-organic interface: implications for understanding enhanced oil recovery
Guillaume Habert (Zürich, Switzerland)
 Tuning clay properties for new development in sustainable building materials
Corina Ionescu (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
 Studying ancient ceramics: interplay between mineralogy, physics, chemistry and geology
Joe Michalski (London, United Kingdom)
 Clay minerals on Mars: Global scale mineralogy and geologic context
Patrik Sellin (Stockholm, Sweden)
 Bentonite in waste repositories – a new application