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Again  in  Slovakia  after  15  years
The Slovak Clay Group, on behalf of the clay groups of Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany-Austria-Switzerland, Hungary and Poland, invites you to the 8th Mid-European Clay Conference, MECC 2016, to be held on 4 - 8 July 2016 in Košice, Slovakia. This second largest city of Slovakia is located close to several clay and zeolite deposits and to the delightful Tokaj wine region.
The MECCs are held regularly since 2001 in different countries of Central Europe. The first and very successful one was organized in September 2001 in Stará Lesná, Slovakia, by the Slovak Clay Group, followed by the conferences in Miskolc (Hungary, 2004), Opatija (Croatia, 2006), Zakopane (Poland, 2008), Budapest (Hungary, 2010), Průhonice (Czech Republic, 2012) and Dresden (Germany, 2014).
The main objective of this internationally recognized conference is to bring together researchers, students and industrial partners and to discuss various fields related to clays, zeolites and other layered and silicate raw materials.
We are sure that you will find interesting the contributions in the scientific program, enjoy seeing the friends and meeting new colleagues of the clay world.
Plenary Speakers
Chris Breen (Sheffield, United Kingdom)
Sabine Petit (Poitiers, France)
Eduardo Ruiz-Hitzky (Madrid, Spain)
Lynda Williams (Tempe, USA)
Keynote Speakers
Pierre Barre (Paris, France)
Chris Greenwell (Durham, United Kingdom)
Guillaume Habert (Zürich, Switzerland)
Corina Ionescu (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Joe Michalski (London, United Kingdom)
Patrik Sellin (Stockholm, Sweden)